Al Sherooq H&P - Insolvency & Corporate Recovery

Insolvency and Corporate Recovery

It is of great important that timely expert legal advice be obtained when a company goes into financial difficulties. We are able to provide expert legal solutions relating to insolvency and corporate recovery in such a time of difficulty and to bring about novel solutions and to carry them through under our supervision and continuous advice.

We provide practical advice for companies seeking to restructure, as well as to lenders and creditors considering their options. We also advice directors, shareholders and top management on their rights, duties and liabilities as per the provisions of Federal Law of Commercial Companies No.8/1984 and the provisions of criminal in instances of fraudulent bankruptcy.

If cases of insolvency, our effective legal advice can help to reduce the loss by assisting with timely realizations, recovering missing assets, and bringing to account those who may be responsible for the losses. We also work with receivers, liquidators and administrators and tender advice to them and to the parties with regard to their legal duties and the various aspects of their appointment.

We also have long experience in dealing with commercial papers and their collection such as checks, promissory notes, and bonds, by following amicable means and legal methods of judicial attachment procedures (Payment Orders) ending with the collection of these debts as soon as possible. Al Sherooq H&P have the best Legal Consultants in this field , and we offer this service in all the Emirates.